Executable files on android build

So i want to open a .exe file with some additional options, which i would usually do on windows by typing “thefile.exe -o1 -o2 blaba” into a terminal.
I have tried the following code which works on windows, however if i build and run it on android, it doesn’t seem to do anything. The executable is right next to the asset folder.
So my question is, (how) can I use exe files in a android build?

Process foo = new Process();
   foo.StartInfo.FileName = "thefile.exe";
   foo.StartInfo.Arguments = "-o1 -o2 blabla";

You need to build an APK for android games. The unity installer should have an option to install the android development tools for you, and you’ll need to switch your platform to android in the build settings.
.EXE is a windows specific binary format.