Execute a script/function after IK

I am trying a unique setup with my character controller. I’m using IK (specifically a Look At IK component from the Final IK plugin) to get the player character model’s head to look at a target.

I need to position an object to be at the same position of the character’s head bone. However, since the IK pass seems to be the last thing that happens in a frame, using LateUpdate does not sample the bone’s actual rendered position — only the bone’s position before IK is applied.

Is there a way to execute a script of function after the IK pass, so that I can get the actual positioned data of a bone?

Of course, immediately after posting this, I found a solution to my problem. I don’t know if this is “proper”, but it seems to work. I will mark as “answered” for now. Reference: Unity - Manual: Order of execution for event functions

I am now updating the camera’s position in OnPreCull(), which fires just before the camera culls the scene. At this time, it is possible to get the position of the bones after the IK pass. It seems safe to move the camera at this time?

However, I’m not yet sure how or if this will effect moving UI elements.