Execute Unity-exe causes computer shutdown (with new graphic card GTX 1080)

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

I have a problem, since I’ve got my new graphisc card for Windows 7 (Intel Xeon).

Details of Graphics Card:

I have a Unity Standalone for Windows. If I execute the .exe-file, the computer shutdown instantly. Before even the Standalone player appears.

The output_log file is empty. I searched for graphics card BIOS/Firmware Update , but didn’t found something at the asus website. Third-party firmware is too risky.

Have anybody advice? The .exe-file worked with my old graphics card (Quadro), but GPU was overloaded.

Thanks in advance.

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Try uninstalling Unity and Installing the newest version. Also I have had trouble in the past with GPU Monitoring software (such as EVGA Precision X / MSI Afterburner), so maybe try turning those off once you re-install.

Make sure that you have removed your old GPU software / drivers.

Also Windows updates, make sure that you are up to date. Windows 7 is pretty terrible in terms of keeping itself up to date.

Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile:

I fixed it. The graphical card had not enough current. There was just 6 pins instead of 8 pins.