Executing a string as a code snippet.

This question has been asked numerous of times, but I still haven’t found a working solution on this. I have several sprites that act as buttons (the UI buttons are unusable in this scenario). The button needs to execute a function on a different script. Now, I want to make a public string so that I can input the function name in the editor for every single button, so that every button calls a different function.
Is there a way to somehow convert a string to an executable piece of code, so that it can be run in a script both in the Editor and at Runtime?
I know this can be done in JS using eval() but I am using C#, so that won’t work.

This is what Hellium said in his comment:
In your case you can use SendMessage but this is a terrible solution.

Can’t you use Unity events?

This is the correct answer.

Just use Invoke(“string”). That works fine