Executing code after closing the app ?

Hey there,
I´m looking for an answer when it comes to network multiplayer games on android or iOS.

So here is my situation:
Imagine we have a multiplayer online game on android and 2 players are matched together over network.
This means one player sees the other player(character) and his own on the phone.
Every match lasts 15 minutes and then it automatically determines the winner, disconnects the clients and so on…
Now I want to know if there are any ways in Unity to execute the code (after 15 minutes), that automatically determines the winner, disconnects the clients, … even if both players closed the app ( pressing the home button on phone ).
Or does the clients disconnect after closing the app ? ( without calling Application.Quit, just press the home button on the phone )

Hope you understand my problems and have some good ideas helping me out, thanks.

I’m fairly certain this isn’t possible in Unity, you’d need to track the matches on a server and get the match status on the client on launching it again.

Hello, thanks for your fast response.
So when a user closes the app, he automatically disconnects from the server right? You can´t get around this ?