Expand object on touch?

Hello. Part of my game needs a script that, when the object specified is touched, will expand the object on the X and Y axis. I made the following script hoping that it would work as I had wished, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I was hoping that posting this on here would let someone help me. But the past couple posts just don’t get responses. The game is 2D and for the Android. Even if this seems quite easy to most of you, due to my lack of knowledge with Scripting and Game Creation it isn’t for me, so all help is very appreciated.

 pragma strict
 public var localScale: Vector3;
 function Update() {
   for (var i = 0; i < Input.touchCount; ++i) {
       if (Input.GetTouch(i).phase == TouchPhase.Began)
           transform.localScale += new Vector3(0.1F, 0, 0);