Experienced Game Devs : How can a noob make his game build-faster and more efficient.

Hi Guys,

I know how vague this question is but I seriously need tips that can make my build :

  • Load/Run Faster
  • Occupy less space [Simple 3 level game takes up 234MB ]
  • Look better and have a professional touch
  • Other final touches that you recommend.

Thank You!

Step 1: Open a web browser

Step 2: Using a search engine (I used Google) type “make a game more efficient”

Step 3: Pick the second item in the list (your is first at time of writing)

In the politest possible way, please at least try some basic research before asking others to do the work for you

Additional: Given you have not given any details about the platform you are targeting, nor the nature of your program; it’s like me asking you whether there’s a faster way of for me to get to work, without stating where I live or where I work, or how I currently travel.

Post discussion questions on the forum please.