Experienced Photon (PUN) Users: Is This Possible?

Hi community,

I’ve got a very basic game setup with RPCs and Network Views, but I don’t have a database/mysql or anything keeping account information yet (inventory, levels, stats, log-in info, etc.). translating all of the information. I’m looking at Photon, and I’m a bit confused on what exactly I can accomplish. It seems to me like just a lobby-based room system which is not what I need, but I’m reading that it could possibly communicate with MySQL and the like.

Will PUN allow me to sync to and from a database, and what database format would you suggest I use to connect the servers and clients?

Perhaps I can rephrase and sum it all up:

I am looking for a stable way to convert my RPC-based server game to a MMO-style game with game accounts and persistence. What’s the best way to go about this?

Mind you I’m not terribly knowledgable in any coding and am sort of picking this up as I go.

Thanks for the help, feel free to link me to tutorials/blogs you find helpful.


If you want to move to an MMO and are using PUN with Photon Cloud you would need to start using Photon Server instead, Photon Server allows you to write custom C# logic on the server (but you need to host the servers yourself). Then you could implement accounts and persistance.

I would recommend you to use MS SQL Server for this, as you will be writing the C# logic in .NET (microsoft version, not mono) with Photon and the support and tooling for SQL Server there is incredibly well crafted and stable.