Experiencing strange issue changing a SpriteRenderer's sprite at runtime.

I’m getting error messages when trying to change a SpriteRenderer’s sprite at runtime.

The error doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Here’s the line that is producing the error:

myRenderer.sprite = Skirt_UDLR;

myRenderer is a variable of type SpriteRenderer that is properly assigned in Start().

myRenderer = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>();

Skirt_UDLR is a public variable of type Sprite in my code that has been properly assigned with a Sprite in the inspector.

So, in theory, there’s no reason the code shouldn’t work, yet I’m getting this error in debug:

UnityEngine.SpriteRenderer.set_sprite (UnityEngine.Sprite value) (at C:/BuildAgent/work/d3d49558e4d408f4/artifacts/EditorGenerated/SpritesBindings.cs:176)

But this error has nothing to do with my code, I don’t think, as it’s an error with a base Unity script. Anyone know what’s going on here?

Well, nevermind. It seems the answer is that this can’t be done, and the only way to change a Sprite at runtime is by creating needless animations. In this case, I’ll need to create 45 1-frame animations and use an Animator to switch between them.

Very silly and wasteful.