Experiments with ModifiableContactPairs, inner shape collisions

I’ve figured out how to use ModifiableContactPairs to make a sphere collide with the inside of another larger sphere.


The smaller sphere is allowed to pass through the top of the larger sphere, where it then collides with the inside of the shape.


I’m interested in hearing about how I might improve this. The most interesting bit of code is here: https://github.com/spiderworm/unity-modifiableContactPairs-experiments/blob/e415f05daf2d18810fd0020657e7ac8fb4ef8ed1/Assets/Sphere Dropping Into Sphere/SphereDroppingIntoSphere.cs#L25

My next goal is to get a small cylinder to collide with the inside of the sphere. If you have any thoughts on achieving that, I’d love to hear them.




(Edit: I got the gif uploaded successfully)

Now I have boxes that have configurable interior cylindrical colliders.


Relevant C#: unity-modifiableContactPairs-experiments/Assets/CurvedInteriorCube/InnerCylindricalCollider.cs at main · spiderworm/unity-modifiableContactPairs-experiments · GitHub

Right now only radius 1 spheres collide correctly with this. Next step: get other shapes to collide correctly.

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Wouldn’t work changing the small sphere with a cylinder in the first example? Just thinking loud, but if I’ve understood it correctly the contacts are modified based on the “modified” shape.