Explain me please this behavior of batching static objects. [Video included]

Explain me please this behavior of batching static objects? I have 2 batches when I run my project, than I have 6 batches when I run my project for the second time, than I have 2 batches again… Anyway:

  1. Can you explain why do I get such behavior?
  2. Why do I get 6 batches for two similar STATIC objects with baking process? I suppose I should have around 2-3 batches. Why it doesn’t work like this?

I believe what you’re experiencing is a result of the fact that the stats window doesn’t update when the game window is not active or unless an editor callback suggests a value has been changed. This is most obvious at 00:53, when you click Cube (1) and the Batches briefly jumps to 10 before changing back to 2 when you hit Play.

Try repeating the experiment, but this time be sure to click inside the game window after every change you make to see whether the stats values update.

I believe this is caused because Unity rebakes after exiting play mode.
Notice in lower right corner, when you spam play mode, it says “Bake paused in play mode”.
If you wait a few second for baking to complete, running play mode again results in 2 or 3 batches.