Explain Toon Shading Please

Hey guys im looking into making my game celshaded but when playing with the toon shader my realistic brick texture doesn’t become toon like instead it gets a line around it which is what i wanted but i also wanted the brick texture itself to look toony so is that i also need toon/hand drawn textures to go along with the toon shader? someone please explain im trying to start working on my first build of my game and the goal is to make zelda wind waker graphics but currently thats not too important to me because i just want to get the gameplay flowing with something similar to those graphics (in other words i want to start with some type of toon graphics to just get started and then later work my way up to those graphics but i dont want to make semi realistic graphics(because i can’t figure out toon graphics) and then switch toon months down the road)

I think you are right; use toon-like textures in addition to the toon shader for the outlines. Perhaps someone with more experience in toon-shading in Unity will come by to answer.