Explode object after being shot based on health decreasing (particle explosion)

I’m new the unity world and I’m a rather experience scripter in other languages but aside from that I was hoping that someone would be able to point a new member of the UND community in the right direction.

I simply want to take an object which has 100% health and have it’s health deteriorate base on X number of shots/hits, and when its health equals 0% it will then explode using a particle system of some sort. I’m looking for a tutorial or sample/example of this exact creation, as from there I can pick up and learn from it. If it’s easier for someone to share a super simple example scene of just a sphere exploding upon X number of shots/hits that would be greatly appreciated. Any help is great and I look forward to becoming a contributor and frequent member of the community here at UDN.

You’d need a health variable with a certain value. Then you add a OnCollisionEnter or OnTriggerEnter function and test if the colliding object is a projectile and if so decrease the health value by the projectile’s damage. Lastly you test if the health is smaller than 1 and then instantiate a particle system and delete or deactivate the player.

Example (the actual script I am using in my game - minus some stuff that wouldn’t help and might even confuse):

function OnTriggerEnter(item : Collider) {
    if(item.tag == "Projectile"){
        if(item.GetComponent(Projectile).owner != "player" && !shieldActive && !invincible){
            PlayerStatus.plHealth -= item.GetComponent(Projectile).damage/PlayerStatus.multiplier;
            if(PlayerStatus.plHealth < 1 && !plDead) {
                Instantiate(deathFX, transform.position + Vector3(0, 15, 0), Quaternion.identity);
                plDead = true;
                statics.playerActive = false;

                yield WaitForSeconds (1.5);
                if(PlayerStatus.lives < 1){
                    GameObject.FindWithTag("MainMenu").SendMessage("gameOverFN"); //GAMEOVER
                    plDead = false;