Explosion with Broken Parts Unity3d

Hello everyone…

I want explosion on 3d character model. On explosion i want characters body parts to be exploded in random direction.

But i have no idea about how to do such type of explosion effect. Please help me, what kind of script should i write?

Thanks in advance for your support and help.

It’s a common thing:

(1) have your model “normal” (perhaps a prefab, if you work that way)

(2) have your model “after death” (perhaps a prefab, if you work that way)

At the moment of death, in fact SWAP from prefab A to prefab B

This is very common in video games. Often when you play a game, the character is swapping from one version to another. Even though it LOOKS THE SAME, it’s a totally different prefab for a different purpose.

Now in this situation. When you swap to “prefab dead”. That new prefab IS IN FACT, MADE IN SMALL PIECES. It might have say 7 pieces.


So, you swap to the “dead” prefab. And then, since it has seven pieces, you have an animation, forces, or whatever you want to make them blow apart.

It’s actually a big part of video games and has a lot of engineering details associated. (For example, it’s often not so easy to swap from prefab A to prefab B - you have to match all the positions etc.)

So that’s the basic idea and that’s exactly how you do it.

For detailed questions on this ask another question or search on here for 100s of QA about it.