ExplosionForce On Instantiated Object


I have a structure that once hit by another collider it will Instantiate a broken version of the structure in its place, Every thing works fine. All pieces of the broken structure have colliders and rigidbodys then the structure crumbles as intended.

I have a RPG that fires a missile, Once missile hits another collider it explodes with AddExplosionForce obviously causing anything with a rigidbody to be effected.

The missile hits the structure > Missile Explodes with force > Structure Instantiates then crumbles to the ground not effected by the Missiles explosive force.

The Missile should send the broken structure pieces flying all over the place but it dose not.

Is there a way to fix this problem? Sorry for the essay Thanks.

Here’s the answer.
If you have a frame rate of 60fps it doesn’t seem like waiting a frame would be that much of a difference.

However, a another possible solution would be to forget AddExplosionForce, and manually add force to the objects near the source of the explosion. By looping through the newly instantiated debris objects near the source and adding force to each one in an outward direction from the source, perhaps you could simulate an explosion adequately?