Export 3ds Max animations made in Puppetshop

We have a model that was created in 3ds Max and skinned in 3ds Max as well. We have used the Puppetshop plugin for 3ds Max to add a bone system to the model, and created animations with the model. Now we want to export the model and it's animations to work with Unity. We tried to follow directions from hellmachine.net, as well as trying to follow the directions from the Character Animation section of the Unity User Guide. The model would not animate in Unity, and would disappear as soon as the level was loaded. Does anyone have a good resource for this, or even step-by-step directions to do the export? We've tried and we just can't seem to get it to work.

When I run into something like this, the first thing I try is to export to fbx in max, and then reimport it back in max, and see if it survives. If it doesn't survive, try different ways to author your character untill it does. If it does survive, then please send it to us using the bugreporter. Make sure you mention that you've tried the process above, but that it still won't import correctly into Unity.

It is possible with puppetshop that you need to convert to bones then it will work.

As far as i'm aware Unity only recognizes actual bones for animation; where as puppetshop uses geometry unless converted.