Export Animation Retargeted Model

This is a bit of an odd question.

I want to have a model that doesn’t have any animation imported into unity, get some animation from unity asset store. Use unity’s great retargeting system, record the character’s new animation and then export the model back to FBX but now with the animation.

I have tried doing this using the preview FBX exporter, although inside unity the model and animation works great, the exported model doesn’t contain any animation and if it does it’s completely broken.

Is there a way to record the attached animation to the model and export it perfectly?

I only plan to use unity as a way to add animation to my character. Ultimately I will be using the character elsewhere.

Thank you!

PS: I have tried mixamo, uploaded the character there, but some of the animation’s I need is not there. I found more on unity asset store.

Out of the box I dont think this is possible. If youre serious about animations, modifying them, saving them as unique animations/files I suggest you look into Umotion (UMotion Pro - Animation Editor | Animation Tools | Unity Asset Store) There is a free version on the asset store but that version does not allow you to export FBX files. You can at least try it out before you invest into the pro version.

Im not the creator of the asset, but it allows you to do what youre asking. Basically you load up a character with the plugin (that you have retargeted using mecanim/humanoid), import any animation you want that is humanoid compatible, then export the file. Since its all contained in unity youre getting the retargeted humanoid version of your model and youre applying whatever other humanoid animations to it. From there you can export the animation as a unique file in FBX format and use it wherever you want.

I know suggesting assets as an “answer” to a question isnt exactly an answer, but there really isnt an easy solution that I know of other than creating your own plugin like Umotion.