Export Animations From Unity3D into Blender?

Hello Unity3D.Long Time No See.I have a question about exporting Animations?How i can i export animations from unity3D into Blender?The reason why is the fact my computer got hacked and i hade to recover my files back and unfortunately some of the models with the animations from blender3D couldn’t be recovered back.Therefore i have the models and the animations that i have exported from blender3D into unity3D but not blender models which i have exported into unity3D anymore.Thats why i need to know how i can export animations from unity3D into Blender3D so i can the animations from unity3D and Blender3D.If anyone knows how i can do this?Can you please tell me how?

I’m not super great with art and models and the workflow there, but when you exported your from Blender file all that data should be in the exported file. Unity doesn’t modify that file. To me it sounds like you should just go to the folder where your model is and load it with whatever software that supports the file format.