Export Blender smoke simulation into unity

I can easily export my simple models and materials from blender into unity, but whenever I try and import a model that includes the blender smoke simulation the smoke doesn’t appear and I get a blendcache folder next to my model. Is there actually any way to import my blender smoke into my unity game.


3D models and simple (FK) animation is a common format. So you can export that from Blender (or any other modelling program) through the OBJ or FBX formats. Every program agrees on this one vest way to read and run models and animations.

Almost everything else is done in a special way for just that program. So there’s no possible way to export. The other program doesn’t understand your settings, doesn’t have the code to run it (or the legal rights!) and you often wouldn’t want to, anyway.

Unity uses it’s particleSystem to make things like smoke.