Export blender to Unity5. Rotation and scale problems.


I have problems when exporting models from Blender to Unity5. Each time I want to export some object the rotation of the X axis in Unity appears in 89.xxx when in blender everything is 0. I export to FBX.

In blender I also have the scale to 1 and in unity the object appears in 100.

How can I solve these errors?

I know there is a solution created by the community, but is there any official way to solve it?

Thank you!

For people who are reading this and not using any add-on/plugin, hopefully the steps below will help:

Blender 2.78a to Unity 5.5.1f export process:

  1. The object must be rotated X=90.
  2. If you already created your model, enter Edit Mode and rotate everything X=-90 (so your model looks correct).
  3. Menu: File | Export | FBX (.fbx)
  4. Disable the button next to the “Scale” field (the button that says “Scale all data according to current Blender size (…) Python: EXPORT_SCENE_OT_fbx.apply_unit_scale”).
  5. Forward: -Z Forward, Up: Y Up.
  6. (optional) Tick “Selected Objects” and activate only “Mesh” button.
  7. Export!

This is what I use for static meshes.