Export camera path (first person controller) in x,y coordinates

Hi - I am looking for a script that will allow me to export the movement path (camera path) from a first person controller in x,y coordinates. I am really new to scripting so I will need some help implementing this if possible. The idea is that I want to create a game that after the person is done playing I have record of where they walked in x,y coordinates. Maybe as an excel export?

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From a top-down perspective, you would simply grab the X and Z coordinates because Y is up/down. Then every frame, in `FixedUpdate` add the current `transform.position` to an array of `Vector3's`.

If you want to export the data to Excel, look up information on CSV (comma-separated values) file format. It is basically a text file where each data point is separated by commas. Excel can import and export this file type easily. It has no formatting, but it will have your data.

You can find the basic specs on Wikipedia.