Export from Milkshape mantaining animations

Hi mates,
I’ve a big problem… I bought an animated character, but it is in ms3d format (milkshape) and it contains animations.
How can I convert this animated character to FBX maintaining all the animations ? I’ve already tried to use milkshape to export it to FBX, but Unity3D can’t find any animations…

Any help would be appreciated

EDIT: I was able to export it as FBX using milkshape mantaining all the animations, but when importing it to Unity3D there are some missing meshes and other are in wrong places… Why ?

Milkshape’s FBX export has always had problems. To get around it in the past, I loaded ms3d files in Ultimate Unwrap 3D and exported it to FBX from there.

I thanks everyone for this instructions.
I have direct x animated models (From FPS Creator). i would like to use them in unity 3d.
I also have fragmotion registered version. I am able to export from fragmotion as fbx and import into unity 3d. But the animation gets crazy. The character seems to walk/ move in the opposite direction. Do i need to change some setting while importing into unity.

I found a way to export it without errors :slight_smile: I’ve uset the software called “FragMotion”, it exported the model in FBX correctly without losing the animations ! Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. need registered fragmotion
  2. import ms3d in fragmotion
  3. in fragmotion export as Alias .fbx
    ¨onli register version of fragmotion export fbx ¨