Export From UDK into Unity?

Is it possible to import things that I make in UDK into Unity 3d? I like the way you make levels in UDK better but I like the simplicity of putting things together in Unity better.

So is it possible to export stuff from UDK and import into Unity?


No. Unity and UDK do not talk whatsoever. You can take general assets (i.e. textures StaticMeshes), but not levels.

No, different file formats for scenes (which is what you really wanted), plus you might violate the UDK's terms. I don't know how it is structured, but you could avoid the royalties of the UDK's EULA illegally.

You can now. The new UDK versions can export entire levels as .fbx.

Years ago I wrote a t3d to x3d converter. That could be adapted to Unity. Do they still export t3d files?