Export Maya animation to Unity

I have created small school of fish in Maya using particle system like this : How to Make Fish Animation And Fish Group Animation in Maya(마야에서 물고기떼 애니메이션 하기) - YouTube

Is it possible to export this animation to unity? I’m tried to bake it but it doesn’t work.

Hi - Unity can only import bone driven animation or morph targets, it has it’s own particle system so if you wish the fish to be particles in Unity you would need to mimic the flow simulation with Unity particles using one of your fish meshes (I’m not sure you would ever get the same results). If you want the same visual result you would need import your school of fish as animated skinned meshes so you would need to bake out the particle system in Maya somehow such that it would provide bone driven animated fish. These can then be exported via FBX into Unity. You may wish to research this on the autodesk forums.