Export objects to a .3DS file at runtime


Does anyone know if it’s possible to export objects into a .3DS file at runtime (probably) and how ? Is there a library to create such a binary file, or do I have to learn the structure of the 3DS format ?

I’m not talking about a .max, .obj or .fbx mind you, but specifically a .3ds.

(edit) Documentation :

I doubt there is anything that will do this as you would need to be able to go from a Unity Mesh to 3ds file, which is far from impossible but is gonna be time consuming.

I remember writing a 3ds importer/exporter in C++ a while back and it was based upon the information here:


So you can basically just loop over a mesh extracting all its polygon data and then dump it into the formats described in there along with any other information you want in your exported file.