Export Scene or GameObject as FBX

Is it possible to export an entire scene or GameObject as an FBX file that can be imported to Maya?

I made modifications to the camera in Unity and would also like to export it into Maya.

I tried looking for solutions but I can only find ways to import to unity rather than exporting from it.

Since FBX format is the default import format for Unity, it should also support exporting to that format.

I’ve been working with games for a long time now, and there is always a lot of times where being able to get something from the game engine back into a 3D package very useful if not necessary.

For example building custom mesh colliders, mesh for particle emission etc., for a level setup in the engine.

I think Unity should make it a priority to be able to export to either FBX or Collada. Obj is an ancient format and doesn’t work with vertex colors.

And someone wrote that Unity is a game engine and not a modelling tool. So what? Unity is a tool, and good for procedural mesh generation, which can be very useful for creating geometry for a game or something else creative.

Kind regards, Tobias Biehl / Technical Artist @ Playdead

old thread, but does this help?


i dont think that is possible considering that you are trying to export from unity which is is a game engine, and into Maya which is a 3d editing tool. It only works the other way around (like you said) according to my knowledge.

I know this is an old thread, but I figured I would let you know that I’m working on a exporter right now that exports from Unity directly to the Maya Scene format: