Export to Android with transparent background for unity 2020.1?

I am trying to upgrade from Unity 2019.3.9 to 2020.1. When changing the version i lose the ability to Render a transparent background over Native UI.

In the previous version i Exported to android with the following setup (found here):

  • checked Player Settings → Resolution and Presentation → Render Over Native UI
  • set the camera flag to Solid color
  • set the background RGBA values to 0,

The only additional step i had to do was open the project in Android Studio and add android:theme="@style/UnityThemeSelector.Translucent" inside the unityLibrary manifest generated when exporting.

However, when i do the same in the newer version, the transparency is lost (black background).

I tried looking for any issues or patch notes but was not successful. I’ve also tried changing the scripting Backend to Mono, as well as installing the app on different phones ( Huawei and a Samsung ).

Any ideas as to whats the difference between exporting from Unity 2019.3.9 and 2020.1.5?###



Can we do the same for webGL

Do you konw how to work with it,I hava encounter problem,but I still can’t fix it.If you have solve it,please help me,thanks.