Export UV Map from Cinema 4d to Unity3D

Hi, I follow a tutorial the following tutorial :

TUTORIAL CINEMA 4D "Modellare un Ascia" - YouTube (It is in italian)

I want to export the 3d object to unity, but I don’t know how can I export the UV Map to…

I see the object black in unity, someone can tell me how can I create a texture or something else that can be opened in unity ??

If someone knows how can I do, please tell me :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

you have to texture your object in C4D, then after importing your model into unity import your texture too, select your model, not the parent but the actual model that has the MeshFilter attached and expand the material - the last component in the inspector, then drag and drop your texture on the texture slot. should do it.

EDIT: UV map is exported together with the object by default in both Maya and 3DsMax, I’m pretty sure C4D does the same.


Here’s a tutorial i made about exactly this subject, enjoy :smiley: