Exporting a package

hi, I am wondering if i can export an existing unity project as a package file and then email it to myself. This way I can access the project the moment it was when I exported it on a different pc.

I tried on pc_1:

Edit->Export Package..(with include dependencies checked)

Then I named it and saved it in the same directory with the assets (e.g., projectName_Data, bin, Library and Temp). I zipped the entire folder.

on pc_2:

I extracted the contents then opend the package unity file (it looks like a scene file) and none of the animation file were included and all previously attached scripts read as "MonoBehaviour" missing prefabs if any.

Maybe I just need to keep trying that (the above)? I am concerned if that is the solution, b/c it did not work the first time.

You should just zip the project folder instead. Packages aren't really intended for entire projects.

Whenever I have exported a package your result has always happened to me. It looks like it is possible to make it work though. Follow this link, hopefully that will set you straight.


Maybe make sure the scene files are also selected when u include depencies…? Seem to work for me

FYI, I have developed a tool for managing several unity packages in and between project, you can find it on the asset store under the name Custom Package.

Hope this will meet your expectations.