Exporting Cinema4D animation to Unity does not work

Hey guys,

I created a very basic character in Cinema4D, rigged and animated a very simple walk cycle. My problem is that I cant bring this animation to Unity. The model itself is imported perfect without any issues but there is no animation file with the model even there should be one.

This is how my “project” looks like in Cinema4D with the character model. It has a rig attached and the model is binded to it. If I start the animation the walk cycle works perfectly

From there I export my model as a FBX-File (Version 6) and import it to Unity. Just as I said the import works well, the problem is just the missing animation file.
I already checked the preferences in Cinema4D: Yes, I enabled the animation export! Because some people didnt check this but I already did and it still does not work.

What am I doing wrong?

It’s defenety not a real “solution” but I still couldn’t figure out how to solve the problem so I decided to switch to Blender.
It’s for free and still very powerful and a friend is using it as well so I can get some help if needed. And since I didnt progress very much in Cinema and I’m still a beginner I didnt stick yet too much to the program.