Exporting fbx from 3ds max and loading into unity with materials

I am trying to do as little art work in Unity as possible.

We are exporting our models from 3ds max using the “Embed Media” option.

However, we have noticed a few issues when importing these fbx files into unity.

  1. The “Smoothness” property for each Material that is created is set to “0.5”. This makes all of the materials pretty shinny.

  1. Opacity doesn’t seem to come over correctly.

  2. Bump maps don’t seem to come over correctly.

Does anyone know how I can get 3ds max to export these things correctly into the fbx?

Thank you!

Hi - there are many material types and shaders in Max - Unity tries it’s best to import all relevant textures and settings but there is much info it does not know about. Your Unity Standard Shader material will become your master material as it has all parameters relevant to your real-time scene in Unity, so once you set it up once, it will persist. Even if you re-import the FBX the material settings you have adjusted in Unity will remain.