Exporting FBX via 3ds Max doesn't show 'Bomb' modifier

I built a very simple explosion animation in 3DS Max (a link to a video of it on Youtube is below, forgive the quality). It uses the ‘Bomb’ Modifier for the explosion. I’ve since learned that animations must have bones to be exported/imported from Max into Unity… so I guess my question at this point is how would I go about accomplishing this if I cannot do it the way I have already done? Can someone point me in the right direction? Perhaps a tutorial or something?

Click For Explosion Video

Explosions in Unity is done by scripting, you cant import vertex animation from 3ds max to unity (as far as i know), so here’s some code that would help:


Remember to use the documentation, you can get pretty far in making a game by just using code you’ve found in the documentation :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Sometimes I find the documentation a little overbearing when I’m looking to do something specific and I sincerely appreciate you linking me that script. Actually, all the functions on that page will definitely come in handy. I’m sure it’s a bookmark I will visit very often. Thanks again.