Exporting for Android 2.2 on Unity 4.3.4

I’m trying to export my game to Android 2.2, but the lowest possible version to export is 2.3.1 as seen below:


In my SDK path, I’ve also installed Android 2.2 SDK (API level 8), restarted Unity, tried re-setting the Android SDK path, but I still can’t see Android 2.2 on the list. When I try to deploy my game to the connected 2.2 device, I’m getting the following error:

Installation failed with the following output:
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/Package.apk
895 KB/s (13833191 bytes in 15.083s)

How can I deploy the game for 2.2 SDK on Unity 4.3.4?

After further investigation, I’ve seen that Unity 4.3 has dropped support for Android 2.1 and 2.2. However, I’ve downloaded Unity 4.2, opened my project in Unity 4.2, and it compiled perfectly for Android 2.2.