Exporting Group Animation From Maya to Unity3D

Hi guys
Sadly I’ve animated a character which has no Skeleton or any kind of rig, but I animated its groups and keyed them inside Maya now I’ve exported them as FBX and as a Maya file but still the problem is whenever I play the animation the whole mesh Shifts and moves somewhere else rather than the place it should be ! the animation works perfectly fine.
the only problem is the position of the character shifts and moves away from its place ! very weird … any suggestions ?

I’ve kinda found a solution to that although that I made a rig to that character cause we needed to add more complex animations to it !
the solution was :
Creating an Empty Game Group in unity and make sure its on 0-0-0, then select the character’s main group and position it at 0-0-0 as well !
then make the empty game group as the parent of that group and then move it wherever u want ! that worked for me.