Exporting/Importing a Polygon Mesh in a Linear Form

( This is related to building an A* Path-finding Algorithm that is a tad more efficient )

As seen in the Image below, Vertices are ordered in an extremely strange fashion, completely non-linear in form. as you can see in the second row the verts start ordering in just completely weird structures,

( Example: I would expect 22 to be on the edge above 20, but its in the middle! )



  • Is there any way to export a mesh in 3DSmax in such a way that the vertices are more linear in form

Alternatively, does anybody know how to divide a mesh into squares made up of 4 verts each.
and by that I mean Convert the vertices ( 0, 2, 1, 3) Into a square, and continue iterating through the Meshvert array untill there is just a large List<> of squares I can use? ( The non-linear form of the square is preventing me from doing so )

Thank you for reading and any help at all is appreciated.

  • Matt


Tried this?