Exporting Keyed Blendshape Animations from Maya?

I have a character model with a skeleton that I’ve animated and that imports just fine into Unity as an FBX. Those arm movements, etc. show up just fine in Unity. I also have blend shape animations on the face of this model however, and these do not import. On the face model, I can see the blendshape controls are there in Unity, but none of the animations I’ve created in Maya are working on them.

What would be ideal is if I can simply select the blendshapes in Maya, hit export fbx, and attach that animation file to the face model. Is this possible? Or is there a workflow problem that I’m doing incorrectly when working with blend shapes?

I’m using Maya 2012, with FBX 2013.3, importing into Unity 4.3.

Much thanks.

Figured out the issue and thought I’d post my answer for posterity’s sake.

To begin, the Fbx 2013 exporter was the first issue. It wasn’t exporting any blendshape animations period. Using FBX 2011 version fixed that. However only half of my blendshapes were coming through. It turned out some of the blendshapes had controls that were used to create the 0-1 values on the Morpher. Because the keys weren’t set directly on the Morpher (they were set on the controllers), I needed to do a bake simulation on the Morpher. Edit: Keys: Bake Simulation. That worked great and all my blendshapes with their animations imported into Unity.

Hope that might help someone in the future.