Exporting scene(or all scenes) from Unity to any other format supported by Blender

Hi there.
I am trying to export finished game scenes created in Unity into Blender for some reasons, but I cannot get any clear solution.

As I understand, during usual export from unity studio it creates a package in internal format with .unitypackage extension. It is great option to import into another unity game, but I really need to have my scene model (it can be without physics - only meshes and materials) in Collada, Maya or any other format supported by blender. Is there any way to do that?

There is no way to get 3d models out of Unity and into 3d modellers. The process is strictly one way (from the modeller into Unity.)


Thank you for your answer, but I do not see any reasons to blocking export into other systems.
That might be a question to Unity developers.