Exporting/Sharing a Unity game

hey everyone, im sorry if this question has been asked before, but im wondering how you can share a unity game with your friends, on a website, or just sending the .exe file or something. Thanks a lot!

Well, it’s easy enough to find out if the question has been asked before- the search bar is there for a reason.

To answer your question, yes- it is very easy!

Assuming you know how to make an executable build (look through the menus, it’s pretty straightforward), the one thing that might cause you some problems is this:

Windows builds require both the .exe executable AND a resources folder called (nameOfGame)_Data in order to run.

If you don’t include that folder, the build will be worse than useless. I usually compress the two files into a single archive for easier uploading, and to make sure that anyone downloading your game gets both parts.