Exporting Tutorials?

Hey everyone, so I noticed that the ability to export tutorials was moved and I was wondering how I could reasonably give this to someone, say a student for a grade, without them having the ability to skip to the end?

I noticed that the LEGO example doesn't have the additional authoring menus/options/skips available which means there has to be a way that I've overlooked. Any Tips?

Hi @WhipJr ! If I've got it right, you want people to access a version of your project that does not include the controls to skip tutorial steps. Is that correct?

If yes, all you need to do is remove the Tutorial Authoring Tools package from the project that you're sharing. @alikamarainen can probably provide you more info on how to automate this, as he did it for our templates

Yes that sounds about right. so just remove the Authoring package? sounds easy enough! I'll try it out and see how it goes.

Additionally, are you aware if it's possible to export these projects to an all-encompassing Unitypackage file for easy importing? so far I can't find anything on exporting anything from the package manager into a Unitypackage file. If it's possible, it would make things very easy for students to access the tutorials without having to go through additional steps like decompressing the project files, then adding the project to the hub.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of an official way to do so. However, I found this video some time ago. Maybe it will help!


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The Export Tutorial feature was indeed created originally (a long time ago) for this purpose, but the feature was not utilised for a while and the code became outdated so we had to remove (actually it's not removed, but disabled/hidden) it for now, until we take the proper time to evaluate and fix the functinality. For now, I recommended that you create your tutorials into a common folder, say Assets/Tutorials, which should make it easy to export them as .unitypackage.

This is what I'm currently wanting to do, but the students still have to import the Tutorial Package which isn't ideal or even searchable yet in the Unity Registry list.

That's also how the old Export Tutorial feature worked, it simply created a .unitypackage, but it also had some additional logic that searched for additional dependencies (models, shaders, materials, etc.) instead of simply blindly packaging a single folder.

I think what you are looking for is scoped registries, which is a package manager feature. One can set up their own package repositories, and in this case the packages would be "tutorial packages" (com.mystuff.my-tutorial1 etc.) and the students could search for the tutorial by using the package manager UI.

ohhh i see, so let them import the whole thing at once through scoped registries. ill look into that, thank you!

Hello and good day, I was trying to do a tutorial for a asset (how to use it), but when I reach the part of define an "Arbitrary Criterion", the options are not there, I follow the documentation (version 1.2.2 in Unity 2022.1.24f1) to check if I miss something, but literally, the options thst suppose to be there does not exist, I share an image showing the issue...


It suppose to be like this...

Any helps will be appreciated, have a nice day.

And by the way, the documentation it not match the corresponding UI version, the -Create Callback Handler- does not exit in the -Tutorial Page- interface.