Expose certain variables in children of prefab

Hey guys. I seem to recall that there was going to be a feature where we can expose certain variables of certain scripts of a variable, and hide the rest. For example:

Lets say we have a gameobject with a ‘lamp’ model, and we can tint its texture to change the color of the lamp itself (aesthetics). Childed to the lamp is a light source with a ‘flicker’ script attached. The flicker script flickers the light. We can adjust the ‘flicker rate’ public variable of the flicker script to adjust how fast it flickers.

Now we create a prefab out of this object. I want to know if we can expose the flicker rate variable and any other childed variables and only these variables in the parent object, so that the user doesn’t need to dig through the prefab object to find whatever variables that he needs to edit!

Oh, had an epiphany from looking at this Declaring Variable in Child & Access as Parent - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

You could just have a script called “inspectViewer”, which you will have to re-declare the variables in your other script and calling GetComponentInChildren to update the info from the other scripts and store them in the inspectViewer script which is at the parent level. Seems very redundant, but it gets it working. So, with GetComponentInChildren, just place them in the update to keep recalling from others scripts.