Exposing large number of Audio mixer variables

I’ve created an in game synthesizer and sequencer. Every note that is played from every instrument is represented by a separate Audio source drawn from a pool. I apply multiple filters to each source with the parameters determined by the instrument type. This is inefficient as most often there are several notes from the same instrument playing simultaneously and each is being filtered separately. Thus I plan instead to use an audio mixer and route all the notes from a particular instrument to a corresponding mixer group and apply the effects to the mixer group.

Accessing the values for Audio Source filters from code is relatively simple but as far as I can see the Mixer approach is going to require me using the editor to expose each value for each of the effects on every one of the mixer groups assigned to my 10 to 20 instruments. Just wondering if there is any way to automate the procedure or some other approach that will achieve my aims?

Without this I’d estimate I’m going to be manually exposing something like 400 variables requiring considerable time and potentially introducing multiple errors.

I’ve found that if I duplicate a Mixer in the editor it will also duplicate all the exposed variable settings. (The same might hold true if I Instantiate the mixer clones from script.)

Provided there’s not too much overhead I could have a separate Mixer per instrument. There might actually be less overhead, I was wondering if unused groups would be suspended but I can see that at the mixer level at least they are suspended if output falls below a threshold.