Extending ModelImporter UI using AssetImporterEditor results in loss of layout

When overriding the OnInspectorGUI method of AssetImporterEditor for the ModelImporter you will lose the tabbing function of the UI and the entire set of properties will be instead displayed in a long list. This means that you cannot add any extra functionality to this window with completely destroying its original layout.

To see this in action all you have to do it have an editor script containing the following:

public class CustomAssetImporterInspector : AssetImporterEditor
    public override void OnInspectorGUI()
        //DrawDefaultInspector(); Produces the same result

Is there a workaround for this at all? What is the intended way to extend the ModelImporter UI to add an element to it?


I'm also interested in this, where is the proper way to add user-configurable extraUserProperties for a custom post processor?

I never had any luck with this but would be interested if you came up with anything

Bump - does anyone have a solution for this?

Also interested; any luck?