external camera frame rate

I am working on a live augmented reality application. So far I have worked on many AR-Applications for mobile devices. Now I have to get the video signal from a Panasonic P2. The camera is an European version. I catch the signal with a AJA io HD Box, witch is connected by firewire to a MacPro. So far everything works great - just not in Unity. When I start the preview in Unity the framebuffer of the AJA ControlPanel jumps to a frame-rate of 59.94 fps. I guess because of a preference on unity. Because of the European version of the camera I can not switch to 59,94fps or 29,47fps. I checked all settings in Unity, but couldn’t find anything…

Is there any possibility to change the frame-rate unity captures from an external camera?

Well I don’t know about Unity but the framerate which external camera’s tend to input at is normally controlled by that particular camera’s software package / drivers.

In xSplit (for example) if I want to change the video input framerate of a camera it opens up the camera properties which are opened by windows (or linux) when I go to the settings option in their respective control panel/settings window.