External Config cms for iOS?

Hi all,

Together with a partner we are building a sort of scavenger hunt application for iOS in Unity that supports multiple languages and augmented reality objects placed in different locations based on GPS coordinates.

So far everything is going great, but last week we stumbled on to a question we havent been able to solve so far: Is it possible to create a website (cms/configurator) that allows us to change the way the game behaves for individual users (that are logged in with username/pw)?

For example:

  • would it be possible to change the language of the game from the cms?

  • would it be possible to change the coordinates of our AR objects from the cms?

I have found Unity Remote Config and Firebase but havent found the exact solution, but maybe someone on this forum knows how to solve this?


What we aim to do is the following:

We give access to a our iOS app and web based cms/configurator to our partners with individual username. ->
Our partners configure the game to their needs (i.e. language/location of AR objects). ->
Application is synced to latest config file -> Application on tablet handed over to costumer that will play the scavenger hunt, when finished the tablet will be returned to our partner. -> Our partner configures the game again when needed (maybe change language) for the next costumers.

@jigsargame Unfortunately I don't believe Remote Config would suit your needs at the user level. Generally Remote Config allows you to set global settings, like alerting all users that a new version is available. Or differentiating iOS vs Android users, as a group. It sounds like you need per-user configuration based on username, you might consider developing your own web service. Also, you might want to check out PlayFab or ChilliConnect to see if they support per-user configuration. During prototyping however, perhaps you could use PlayerPrefs locally on the device.