external cursor control

here at Omek Interactive we are developing depth camera based game (just like kinect, but on other platforms then 360)

we have successfully integrated our SDK into unity (full body skeleton tracking and other cool stuff)

one of our very cool features is controlling the mouse with our hands unfortunately we have discovered that unity does not provide a way for developers to set the mouse position

my question is:

is there a way to do so (i have already voted for this feature) i know that the wii is doing something similar with pointing at the screen

i don't want to develop a custom cursor because i will loose all the mouse/GUI integration

thanks in advance Eli

If you are targeting mac/windows standalones, you could write a C++ plugin to solve this. On the Mac, the function to use to move the mouse cursor is CGWarpMouseCursorPosition(), not sure about windows, but there has to be something similar.

For the web games, we will not likely allow games to move the cursor, as there is a high potential for abuse.