External files help.

So, I’m currently making a type of model viewer for a game project I’m involved with.
The game is supposed to have modding support and that involves user created models.

The thing is, there seams to be no easy way to make this happen.
I’ve not yet tried making a runtime fbx reader since that is heaps amount of work with all of the skinning and animation data.

The thing that appears to be closest to what i want is StreamingAssets.
It creates a folder as i should and the files for the various models appear as they should.
But upon editing the files and starting the viewer nothing has changed.

Why would the streaming assets feature even output files if it doesn’t read from them?
Is there a way to use this feature for standalone or am i stuck writing my own reader?
If the later, how would i go about that?


This may be of some use to you.