External Lightmapping tool doesn't export all selected objects

I select a whole bunch of stuff from my scene, about 60 objects, then i use external lightmapping tool to export them to, in my case 3dsm. but only a few objects are exported and there is no, as i can see, logical pattern to what object are exported and not. I have successfully used the External lighmapping tool before with fewer and simpler objects. So i wonder why this is happening and how i can get all the objects to export.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Per, on 99% it's because of invalid uv's, your uv's should be unwrapped and normalized, so there is no overlapping and everything fits into 1x1 UV rectangle. If you want you can call me on Skype: masteranza

Yea if you baking it with external tools then each mesh must have 2nd UV channel. Set the target channel to 2 in external lightmapper.