External mapping in Unity ?


I’m working on an on-line game where accounts are stored in a database (MS-SQL). I use external XML mapping to make the link between my code and the table, which work fine on my ‘non-Unity’ servers.

However, as physics is server-side, I also use Unity-based servers to monitor each match … and it doesn’t seem to work here.

The error happen when I try to create a new datacontext : an internal function named “System.Data.Linq.Mapping.XmlMappingSource+XmlMetaModel.GetTypeFromName” send an exception, saying that it can’t find the corresponding class in the assembly (which is perfectly accessible by Unity itself).

As the exact same code work perfectly fine outside of Unity, I’m begin to wonder if its not one of those functions that are not correctly implemented in Unity. Does someone ever managed to make external XML mapping work in Unity ?

Thanks for your help.

Update :

After days of testing, it seem that reflection in Unity’s Mono is broken. There is no way to make ‘GetTypeFromName’ to find your class, even when putting the source code directly in Unity.

I had to give up external mapping and directly tag my classes with mapping properties (‘[Column()]’ and others …).