External Script Editor Visual Studio Version and Autocomplete


I seem to be having two problems. The first problem that led me to see the second problem is Autiocomplete in Visual Studio is not completing for methods like void OnTriggerEnter. I get no suggestions for the method. Working with someone on Reddit, I was checking my External Script Editor, and see that Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 [16.11.33214] is selected. The version of Visual Studio I have is 16.11.23, and it looks like that is the most current version.

I don’t see other Visual Studio options in External Script Editor choices. Am I doing something wrong? Did I mess something up somehow? This problem has been going on for a while now, and I have just thought it was something I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your time.

The problem was Resharper. So, for anyone else having this issue, that is one of the solutions. I am going to contact them and close this ticket.