ExternalEval -Object Not recieving & Can I have multiple lines?

This message doesnt seem to be getting sent/recieved from the webplayer. I'm not sure how the 'gameObject is found within my project though without a GameObject.Find but I'm just going off the help. Does this look okay? Should this work..? Can I have multi lined ExternalEval calls??

    Application.ExternalEval("var unity =    unityObject.getObjectById('UnityContent');");
    Application.ExternalEval("if (!newWin||!newWin.top){unity.SendMessage('"+this.gameObject.name+"','Test', 'Hello from a web          page!');}");

function Test(arg:String)
   //do something

You should combine it all into one thing because the var unity will not exist on the second call. I'm assuming.

Also, you might try just var unity = GetUnity();

And if this is Mac, it may not work at all.